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Abana (Generic Stendra)
Generic Stendry 100 mg
The active substance – Avanafil 100 mg
Packaging – in blisters on the 4 tab.
Manufacturing: India Centurion Lab.
Name: Avaforce-100✌

The invention all known generic drugs – drugs that replace the original tool, but having absolutely identical on the impact and past clinical trials, has given impetus to the active dissemination of genital pathogens Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.✌

This is quite a wise policy in the field of health and pharmacology – today became available to ordinary people substitute drugs, because they are much cheaper and do not differ biosostavom, and in the west these drugs account for about 70%✌ of all prescription medications. Today, a new competitor, greatly surpassing the main stimulants like.

The analogue Stendra separated from the total number of its immediate impact. Stendra AVANA, the active substance is ✌Avanafil affects the reproductive system and act as soon as there comes a sexual arousal and action Stendra last longer confident. As for side effects, their appearance is nearing zero, subject to the appropriate indications for use of the drug.

Means, the main component of which is Avanafil tested on men of different ages, which makes it an even more confident results. Almost 100% of the pharmacological tests of solid and lasting erection drug was detected.

The analogue 👍Stendra Awana favorably combined with a small amount of any alcohol, the drug can be used regardless of the meal – you want to, when you want.✌

How should I use Generic Stendra AVANA?

Our preparation is characterized by very rapid efficacy. The tool we recommend to use before sexual intimacy for 10-15 minutes. 👍For active sexual cycle will be enough to just one pill within 24 hours. Erection and effect of the drug occurs after sexual stimulation and can last, when your wish up to 6 hours of active intercourse!

In some special cases the exclusive use of the drug can be shown side effects such as vertizh (vertigo), feeling of nasal congestion and facial flushing. This usually happens due to an overdose of Avana, or excessive use of alcohol. We recommend to get acquainted with the instructions on the drug, and to protect themselves from such unpleasant consequences.

As the drug works?

The effect of the agent is very similar to the impact of generics of other genital pathogens, it is used for erectile function disorder associated with psychological disorders and physiological abnormalities. The active ingredient helps the powerful rush of blood to the penis, for this reason, there is a powerful sexual desire. The innovative formula AVANA.✌

Rate Avava impact on yourself and you will feel the striking result of a long and hot sexual encounter!

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Delivery you choose yourself. Beware of imitations. Keep in your medicine cabinet reliable and trouble-free analogue Avanafil and be sure every intimacy!✌

The Stendra is a new drug developed by specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacology. Not many modern drugs can give such a strong, fast and lasting effect as this drug. Despite the fact that the product appeared on the shelves of shops and pharmacies quite recently, it managed to get high popularity. Advantages of receiving Stendra are simply invaluable. As a competitor of the famous Viagra, Stendra has a milder effect. The first effect manifests itself 15 minutes after the use of the pill and can last for ten hours! 👍 The stendra has a minimal amount of side effects and is easily excreted from the male body.
In order to understand the process of the drug, it is necessary to know how the penis is excited. After active stimulation, a sharp ejection of blood from the artery is observed. Due to this in the next few minutes the return flow of blood slows down or stops altogether. At this time, the genital organ is a large tubular and empty body, which eventually becomes filled with blood, increases in size, becomes firm and elastic.

In this state, the penis remains until the excitation is stopped. At the end of the process, the blood is gradually removed from the void. In the presence of erectile dysfunction, this process requires adjustment. The blood leaves the penis too quickly, and the duration of the sex leaves much to be desired.
The stendra makes it possible to activate blood circulation in the penis and relax its muscle mass to the required state and for a long period of time.

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