Erectile dysfunction

Erection – an increase in the volume of the penis with a sharp increase in its elasticity; caused by stretching and filling with blood of the cavernous bodies during sexual arousal, which provides the possibility of sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erection or maintain it at a level sufficient for normal sexual intercourse, lasting for at least 6 months. Erectile dysfunction does not always accompany aging and may be absent in old age. With age, the frequency and severity of ejaculation, the degree of sexual tension and the need for ejaculation decrease, and the ability to erect is often retained.

While maintaining morning erections and a good erection during masturbation, mental factors play a major role in the development of the disorder. With a persistent inability to erect under any circumstances, an organic cause is suggested. Erectile dysfunction can be true and imaginary (dissatisfaction with erection, caused by its inconsistency with subjective and often false ideas about it) and be combined with ejaculation disorders.

The incidence of erectile dysfunction is 52% of men aged 40–70 years. Only 10% of patients seek help from specialists.