Slimming Smoothies: Blender Recipes

Slimming Smoothies: Blender Recipes.

According to supporters of a healthy diet, diet and fat-burning smoothies for weight loss at home are very effective in maintaining a beautiful figure – recipes for a blender are quite simple, and they bring a lot of benefits. Smoothies are homogeneous, tasty and healthy cocktails that resemble thick yogurt in consistency. You can cook them from almost any product. Classic recipes suggest that milk or kefir is taken as the basis of the drink. But there are also fruit and vegetable smoothies that do not contain dairy products. From a wide variety of recipes, every person who cares about a figure will easily choose the right one for himself.

– Slimming Vegetable Smoothie
– Slimming Smoothie Smoothies
– Slimming Fruit Smoothie
– Slimming Cleansing Smoothie

Many people prepare diet and fat-burning smoothies for weight loss at home – recipes for a blender can cope with this task as quickly as possible. If you want to treat yourself to a wholesome breakfast or to prepare a light snack, there is no better option.

Today, there are many varieties of the drink in question:
Vegetable smoothie;
From frozen berries;
With honey and green tea;
With oatmeal, etc.

They differ in taste and calorie content, so before you try this or that recipe, evaluate some interesting options.

Slimming Vegetable Smoothie
Very popular today is a vegetable smoothie for weight loss, because it contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. This is a great alternative to a traditional salad, because it’s so easy to cook, and you don’t need dressing.
A pumpkin is great for making a vegetable smoothie. Take 400 g of pulp, chop finely, add half grapefruit and peeled lemon, 0.5 tsp. cinnamon, 2 tsp. honey, and whisk everything in a blender.
In addition, carrot-based cocktails are very useful. You can prepare one of them according to the following recipe. Grate 2 small peeled carrots, add half a mango and 2 bunches of spinach. Put everything in a blender, add 120 ml of water and beat.
If you want something original, make a beetroot drink. Just be careful, as it tends to increase intestinal motility. You need to take one large beetroot and, peeling, grate. After submerging the resulting mass in a blender, add 140 ml of water and coke milk. Add 1 banana and 2 pitted dates. Whip everything.
The most useful and delicious vegetable smoothie is obtained from fresh vegetables from the garden, so visit the country house and nature more often.

Slimming Smoothie Smoothies
However, smoothies smoothies for weight loss can be prepared not only from vegetables. Classic recipes imply that each dairy product is based on one or another dairy product. And with additives, you can experiment as you see fit.
If you want the next time, looking at a fashionable clothing store, choose smaller items, you need to reduce the calorie intake. But it is important that your body receives the necessary amount of energy, vitamins, minerals. You can solve both of these problems by preparing delicious smoothies for breakfast. For this, you can, for example, take 0.5 l of kefir, ¼ part of a banana, 4 large strawberries (you can frozen) and 1 tbsp. l oatmeal. Grind everything in a blender, and on top of the drink you can sprinkle with nuts.

For a hearty snack, a cocktail made from 1 cup of milk, 1 tbsp. Is also suitable. l germinated wheat, 2 pcs. any fruit (choose seasonal, which contain many vitamins, or your favorite) and 1 tbsp. l low-fat cottage cheese. First, fruits and sprouted wheat are put in a blender, then other ingredients are added and everything is whipped.

Slimming Fruit Smoothie

Very tasty and healthy are fruit smoothies for weight loss. They are loved by people who care about their figure, because such drinks become an excellent substitute for other sweets. You can cook them according to different recipes. For example, for a hot summer, such a cocktail is ideal. Take 250 ml of any yogurt without additives, 4 pcs. kiwi, juice of 1 orange (freshly squeezed), 1 tbsp. l honey and 1 cup crushed ice. After placing everything in a blender bowl, beat until smooth.
It’s easy to make banana and raspberry smoothies. For 1 banana, you will need about 100 g of berries. In addition, it is advisable to add 1 kiwi for taste. The resulting drink will contain the maximum amount of vitamins and antioxidants and at the same time will be incredibly tasty. You can also add a little honey to it, although the sweetness of a banana is enough for most gourmets.
In winter, you can treat yourself to a tangerine smoothie. To prepare it, you will need 1/3 cup yogurt, 1 cup milk, 2 tangerines, 1 banana and 1 tsp. honey. You can also add some vanilla for the flavor. In addition, many experts recommend freezing a banana by placing it in a freezer for 20 minutes, and only then use it.

Slimming Cleansing Smoothie
People who care about their health and figure often arrange fasting days. At such a time, as well as after the holidays and hearty meals, you can prepare slimming cleansing smoothies. They are very useful, help to quickly normalize the digestive tract and solve the problem with extra pounds. Here are some simple cooking recipes.
Take 1 cup peeled red grapes, add 1 bunch of lettuce, 1 banana, 1 peeled orange, 1 cup of water. Grind everything, mix and enjoy a vitamin green drink.
You can also take 1 cucumber, 1 bunch of spinach, 1 bunch of cilantro, 2 – 3 stalks of celery, 1 glass of water and beat with a blender. To this smoothie, if desired, you can add a little salt. But do not abuse it in order to prevent the formation of edema.
Another simple recipe for a cleansing smoothie involves using 1 banana and a bunch of watercress. Grinding the ingredients and adding a little water to the blender bowl, you get a light and healthy drink.
There are other recipes for making smoothies – check them out to find the most delicious and healthy option for yourself.

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